Technical Report summarizing key results (In Danish):

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Corresponding presentation given at Dansk Vand Konference in Aarhus, November 2020
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Research Publications in English

The following papers have been published. An additional 6 papers are expected to be published during 2021.


Published Journal
Initial conditions of urban permeable surfaces in rainfall- runoff models using Horton’s infiltration
Steffen Davidsen, Roland Löwe, Nanna H. Ravn, Lina N. Jensen and Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen
December 2017
Water Science and Technology
Identifying fit-for-purpose lumped surrogate models for large urban drainage systems using GLUE Cecilie Thrysøe, Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, Morten Borup November 2018 Journal of Hydrology
Data-driven approaches to derive parameters for vector-based urban development models Roland Löwe, Manfred Kleidorfer, Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen June 2019
Urban pluvial flood risk assessment – data resolution and spatial scale when developing screening approaches on the microscale  Roland Löwe and Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen   April 2020
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 
Incorporating objectives of stakeholders in strategic planning of urban water management. Skrydstrup J, Madsen HM, Löwe R, Gregersen IB, Pedersen AN, Arnbjerg-Nielsen K March 2020
Urban Water Journal 
Impacts of Urban Development on Urban Water Management - Limits of Predictability
Löwe R, Mair M, Pedersen AN, Kleidorfer M, Rauch W, Arnbjerg-Nielsen K  September 2020
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 
 Integrated stormwater inflow control for sewers and green structures in urban landscapes Lund NSV, Borup M, Madsen H, Mark O, Arnbjerg-Nielsen K, Mikkelsen PS August 2019
Nature Sustainability 
Evaluating the performance of a simple phenomenological model for online forecasting of ammonium concentrations at WWTP inlets. Vezzaro, L., Pedersen, J.W., Larsen, L.H., Thirsing, C., Bassø, L.D., Mikkelsen, P.S. February 2020
Water Science and Technology 
Reconstruction of corrupted datasets from ammonium-ISE sensors at WRRFs through merging with daily composite samples Jonas Wied Pedersen; Laura Holm Larsen; Carsten Thirsing; Luca Vezzaro  July 2020
Water Research 
Assimilating flow and level data into an urban drainage surrogate model for forecasting flows and overflows Lund NSV, Madsen H., Mazzoleni M, Solomatine D, Borup M May 2019
Journal of Environmental Management 
CSO Reduction by Integrated Model Predictive Control of Stormwater Inflows: A Simulated Proof of Concept Using Linear Surrogate Models  Lund, NSV, Borup, M, Madsen, H. Mark O, Mikkelsen, PS  April 2020
Water Resources Research 

Presentations for a professional audience

Title Authors
Proactive online control of waste water using PREACT
T. S. Poulsen, A. T. Joergensen, C. Thirsing September 2017 14th IWA/IAHR International Conference on Urban Drainage Prague, CZ
Spatial bias and uncertainty in numerical weather predictions for urban runoff forecasts with long time horizons
J. W. Pedersen, V. Courdent, L. Vezzaro, H. Vedel, H. Madsen, P.S. Mikkelsen, R. Halvgaard
September 2017 14th IWA/IAHR International Conference on Urban Drainage Prague, CZ
Urban runoff forecasting with ensemble weather predictions

Jonas Wied Pedersen, Vianney Courdent; Luca Vezzaro; Henrik Madsen; Peter Steen Mikkelsen

October 2017 NORDIWA
Aarhus, DK
Effects of spatio-temporal scale and uncertain urban development on long-term planning of urban water management
Roland Löwe, Michael Mair, Agnethe Pedersen, Wolfgang Rauch, Manfred Kleidorfer, Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen June 2018 9th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software
Fort Collins, CO, US
Impacts of urban development on urban water management at varying spatial and temporal scales Roland Löwe, Michael Mair, Agnethe N. Pedersen, Wolfgang Rauch, Manfred Kleidorfer and Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen  September 2018 11th International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling Palermo, IT 
How do we make our models relevant for decision-makers?
Julie Skrydstrup, Herle Mo Madsen, Roland Löwe, Henrik Thorén and Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen  September 2018 11th International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling  Palermo, IT
Performance of High-Resolution Numerical Weather Predictions with a Rapid Updating Cycle for Urban Runoff Forecasting Jonas Wied Pedersen, Luca Vezzaro, Henrik Vedel, Henrik Madsen and Peter Steen Mikkelsen September 2018 11th International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling  Palermo, IT
Making urban water management relevant to society by quantifying stakeholder objectives
Julie Skrydstrup, Herle Mo Madsen, Roland Löwe, Henrik Thorén, Ida Bülow Gregersen and Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen October 2018 5th Nordic Conference on Climate Adaptation  Nörrkoping, SE
Evaluation and Simulation of Urban Water Management from a Multi-Stakeholder Perspective
Roland Löwe, Julie Skrydstrup, Herle M. Madsen, Agnethe N. Pedersen, Ida B. Gregersen, Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen November 2018 DTU Sustain Kgs. Lyngby, DK
Ensemble forecasts of urban runoff from a deterministic Numerical Weather Prediction model by use of spatial neighborhood sampling Jonas Wied Pedersen, Luca Vezzaro, Henrik Madsen, Peter Steen Mikkelsen December 2018 UrbanRain18 - 11th International workshop on precipitation in urban areas Pontresina, CH
Online real time Stormwater Forecast for integrated urban water management  Vianney Courdent, Lene Bassø Duus, Anders Breinholt, Carsten Thirsing , Troels Sander Poulsen July 2019
Quantifying multiple planning objectives of flood adaptation measures – a case study of Odense, Denmark  Julie Skrydstrup, Ewelina Gallus, Marleen de Ruiter, Ida Bülow Gregersen, Roland Löwe, Mark Koetse, Jeroen Aerts and Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen July 2019 NOVATECH Lyon, FR 
Model Predictive Control: A case study of Trøjborg  J. L. Svensen, H.H. Niemann, A.K.V. Falk, N. K. Poulsen  July 2019   NOVATECH  Lyon, FR 
Real Time Stormwater Forecasting of Flows and Loads to WWTP for Enhanced Hydraulic and Biological Capacity  Peter A. Stentoft, Luca Vezzaro, Vianney Courdent, Jonas Wied Pedersen, Henrik A. R. Thomsen, Peter Steen Mikkelsen, Bruno Tisserand, Cristophe Amiel, Thomas Munk-Nielsen  July 2019
Evaluating the performance of a simple phenomenological model for online forecasting of ammonium concentrations
Luca Vezzaro, Jonas Wied Pedersen, Laura Holm Larsen, Carsten Thirsing, Lene Bassø Duus, Anders Breinholt and Peter Steen Mikkelsen
August 2019  9th International Conference on Sewer Processes & Networks  Aalborg, DK
WSC world view on model uses  R Löwe  January 2020
Danish Water Forum  Copenhagen, DK
Real time modelling and monitoring   O Mark, C Thirsing, A Breinholt, L Bassø  January 2020  Danish Water Forum  Copenhagen, DK 
Model Predictive Control for Water Smart Cities  R Halvgaard, L H Drejer, A K V Falk, L Bassø, H Madsen  January 2020  Danish Water Forum  Copenhagen, DK 
Online forecasting of flows and ammonia load at WWTP inlet  L Vezzaro, JW Pedersen, LH Larsen, C Thirsing
January 2020  Danish Water Forum  Copenhagen, DK 
Assessment of planning objedtives in strategic planning for a case study in Højme, Odense  IB Gregersen, N Krogsbo, J Skrydstrup, IL Hansen, S Dybkjær, R Löwe, K Arnbjerg-Nielsen  January 2020  Danish Water Forum  Copenhagen, DK 
Water solutions for smart cities – Smart water systems make cities more liveable, resilient and sustainable  PS Mikkelsen
  Chapter 5 in “Smart Cities – Creating liveable, sustainable and prosperous societies”, pp. 14-15. Think Denmark – White papers for a green transition. State of Green.  

Student Projects

Thesis's title
MSc Kirsten Eg Jensen Testing a model predictive control setup for an urban drainage system in Copenhagen  DHI, DTU ENV
MSc Ilka Bruhn Identifying and predicting critical events for stream water quality in Odense DTU ENV 
MSc Ewelina Gallus Merværdier i forbindelse med klimatilpasning i Odense DTU ENV, Rambøll
Asta Thorgersen, Christian Holmboe & Sebastian Lind  Model til forudsigelse af inflow til Damhusåen Renseanlæg DTU ENV 
MSc Husnain Tansar Data Assimilation for Real-Time Forecast of Influent Flow and Ammonia in Wastewater
Treatment Plant: A Case Study of Damhusåen Catchment, Copenhagen
DHI, Asian Institute
of Technology
MSc Laura Holm Larsen Online forecasting of ammonia loads and concentration at the inlet of Damhusåen WWTP KRG, DTU ENV
BSc Sebastian Lind & Phillip Aarestrup Use of 2-week ensemble weather forecasts in urban drainage DTU ENV
MSc Luis Campos Roman Data assimilation in Mike Urban for real time forecast of flow to a WWTP
MSc Eleanor Treadwell Quantifying and valuating planning objectives for an urban water management project in Copenhagen  DTU ENV, Rambøll
MSc Anne Sophie Charlotte Imig Taking advantage of cloudburst projects in Copenhagen during minor-medium rain
events by using above-ground control
MSc Sissel Gregersen Stochastic modelling using a Mike Urban surrogate model DTU ENV
MSc Stine Dybkjær og Ida Linde Hansen  Multi-objective assessment of adaptation strategies for urban development and climate scenarios  DTU ENV + Rambøll
Bjørn Karl Mortensen  Performance evaluation of a simple model for forecasting ammonia concentrations at Viby WWTP  DTU ENV + Krüger
MSc  Rasmus Goosmann  Flood modelling and climate adaptation of new city development areas in Odense city  DTU ENV + VsC
MSc  Ari Johanesson  Comparison of data-driven flow forecast models  DTU ENV + Krûger